Format: Paperback
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Language: Japanese
BJT Business Japanese Proficiency Test Listening and Reading Comprehension (with 2 CDs)
Product Overview
This is one of three BJT (Business Japanese Test) reviewers that I bought to prepare for the exam. I had passed the highest level of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) in about 5 years time, after I formally began studying the language, yet I knew that my nihongo was far from perfect.

Passing the JLPT offered some sort of an assurance to employers and schools that a student is able to effectively use the language at a level somewhat equivalent to a high school student. However, for specialized words that are learned in university, graduate school, and the workplace, the student will have to learn to pick them up his or herself. Little did I know that what I lacked wasn't really more complicated words, but understanding of Japanese culture.

I never did get to take the BJT. Somehow, I found myself out of the corporate world to which I am ever grateful for the many hard lessons that I've learned, and in school, teaching Japanese language and culture (at least from what I can understand) to high school students.

It will take me several more years before the cultural aspect of Japan really began to dawn on me. I cannot say that I fully understand it, but I do know that my becoming a teacher helped me.