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Publisher: PublicAffairs
Released Date: 2007
Banker to the Poor
Muhammad Yunus
Product Overview
In one of my travels in Southeast Asia, I was fortunate to have met a Bangladeshi who was attending the same conference I was attending on ICTD (Information and Communication Technologies and Development). He was kind enough to have treated me to a scrumptious vegetarian meal after accompanying him to a mall to have our travellers cheques exchanged and get himself a new sim card for use during his stay in the country.

I remember mentioning to him Muhammad Yunus whom he knew, since they're both from Bangladesh.

While it is always better to be cautious with strangers, given the right environment, it can be good to meet and interact with other people and learn from them too.

Muhammad Yunus has said: "Who has given the ultimate verdict that people are motivated only by money--that the desire to do great things for the world can't be just as powerful a driving force in human behavior?"