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Chinese Classic Cartoons (7plus1 films)
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I bought this during a trip to Taiwan; I haven't seen all the films yet, but I do remember showing one of the "Journey to the West (西遊記)" films to my Chinese Mandarin class.

I can recall its artwork from a series of books I saw in the library back in grade school. Somehow, I found myself hanging out in the library, even though I didn't really read much, not even comic books. I think I had a copy of Jughead comics. It's the one where he was eating lots of hamburgers. Anyway, maybe I was in the library, because we weren't given a lot of time to play outside.

The Monkey character is interesting, because he is quite unbeatable, such that even the celestial beings couldn't stop him. Eventually, a golden headband was put on his head to supposedly subdue/control him, but he was able to eventually remove it.

In the "Journey to the West" stories, he acts for the best interest of their group, even if he is often misunderstood.

I would relate the Monkey to a flowing, even raging, river, which does what is good for all. And no matter how people attempt to control or influence it to suit their own hidden agendas, they only find themselves being swept away.

And what is it that a person should do when he or she becomes aware that he or she is in this river?

Now that's another story for another time.