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Format: Hardcover
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Language: English
Disney All-Time Favorite Classics
Product Overview
I grew up watching Disney shows, not only in the cinema, but also on TV. This book contains thirteen classic Disney favorites. It took the Disney company many years to establish a brand that is easily recognized by people, such that without even reading the movie reviews, a family can go and watch their films. However, there was a time when even Disney had to struggle with animated films that weren't doing as well as their earlier releases.

In any case, what I like about this book is that a person can take a photo of an illustration, and then practice how to draw using a WACOM Tablet + Stylus or an iPAD + Pencil. To tell you the truth, I wanted to become a cartoonist or an animator. But video games offered a more appealing medium where people can interact with the objects on the screen.

Many years later, I am now writing stories, which my team and I turn into storybook apps.

Sometimes, while the specifics of what a person wants may be different from what he or she initially wanted, if one ventures to look within, the core remains the same.