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Great Illustrated Classics The Swiss Family Robinson
Johann Wyss
Product Overview
"The Swiss Family Robinson" is a tale about a family who got marooned on an island and somehow survived. Interestingly, the way the father talked reminded me of Batman in the classic live action Batman TV series. Having said this, it was the combined effort of not only the father, but also his wife, children, and nature that enabled them to build a surprisingly stable living existence on the island.

I remember one of the stories in Star Trek, where the crew woke up a group of super humans who were hibernating in an aimlessly wandering ship. They eventually were able to drop them off on a planet to build a civilization from scratch.

Have you ever found yourself stuck in a situation where the demands of various people and society, albeit, perhaps, with good intentions, have become a noisy confusion? During those times, we feel that there's nothing else we'd want to do than to go somewhere where we can enjoy a quiet and peaceful life.

Yet, from experience, it appears to me that it is but a natural progression of life that such quiet and peaceful living must be disturbed to make way for a new chapter, where a person can gain new experiences, and hopefully rebuild that which seemed lost.