Format: Paperback
Condition: Used - Acceptable
Language: Mandarin/Japanese
Publisher: 株式会社インターブックス
Released Date: 2014
HSK Level 5 Sample Exam
Confucius Institute (Hanban)
Product Overview
This book is a good learning tool not only for those who'll be taking the HSK Level 5 exam, but also those who simply enjoy reading interesting texts or articles from a variety of fields. The texts are in Mandarin (Simplified), while the translation and explanations are in Japanese. One story that I remember from this book is the one about the business man, his son, and their donkey. The lesson it shared was that it is difficult to please everybody. And if you mistakenly think that you can satisfy everyone, you'll realize that you won't be happy and the people you wanted to satisfy won't be satisfied either.