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Language: English/Korean
Hangeul Wikang korean Prime Korean
Johnson Park
Product Overview
The "Hangeul Wikang korean Prime Korean" is actually surprisingly good material for learning Korean, because aside from basic grammar patterns, it has sample sentences in various everyday contexts. The sentences are in Hanguel as well as in romanized form.

Learning Korean has actually offered me some interesting experiences, especially since there are quite a number of Korean people living in the Philippines.

One time, I remember eating at a Korean restaurant during my dad's company staff lunch. It was run by a Korean couple.

After awhile, I thought of getting myself some water. I approached the couple, who were near the entrance of the store. I politely greeted them with peace in Korean, and asked them where I could get water.

Maybe I felt that I spoke too quickly in English, because I followed it up by asking them if there was water, using the little that I knew of the Korean language.

Fortunately, they understood what I was asking, which is how I got my water. After we've had our lunch, I learned that we got ourselves seaweeds as thank you.