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Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
J. K. Rowling
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Unlike many precocious children, I didn't develop the habit of reading early in life. I preferred to watch cartoons on TV. Eventually, I got into video games. However, my parents allowed us, their children, to play video games only during the summer. So for the rest of the school year, we didn't get to play any video games at all. My older brother encouraged me to read fantasy novels instead, which was somewhat of a substitute.

It was only during my third year in high school that I started to enjoy reading, even if my English was still poor.

At the time, the Harry Potter series became quite popular, and it was one of the books that I read.

The series has a very important message, which I believe people who are getting married or are already married should understand as a sign of maturity. When we're young, we like to do whatever we want, e.g. visit all sorts of places, experience all sorts of things. But if you're lucky, there comes a point when you say to yourself that you've had enough of it. And this realization opens you up to a life that is not only for yourself, but for another, so that that person may enjoy the kind of life you enjoyed. In other words, it is so that that person may live.