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John L Gokongwei Jr
Marites Khanser
Product Overview
It was interesting for me to discover the life story of Mr. John Gokongwei Jr, and how he was able to build an empire from the ground-up.

Sometime ago, I was with my dad on our way to a conference in Macau. As we were waiting for our call to board the Cebu Pac plane, my dad quickly recognized Mr. John Gokongwei Jr sitting quietly, and he humbly introduced himself and I to him.

When he learned that we were going to a conference in Macau, his eyes widened, and, somehow, he reminded me of Richard Feynman.

Years later, I would meet, somewhat serendipitously, his son.

Having said this, the book mentions that the common business sectors of the top Philippine Listed Holding Firms include: 1) Banking and Finance, 2) Hotels, Malls and Apartments, 3) Manufacturing, and 4) Real Estate and Property Development.