Format: Paperback
Condition: Used - Acceptable
Language: Filipino/Mandarin/Hokkien/English
Keeping up with your Chinese Filipino (Mandarin, Hokkien, Filipino, English)
Johnny Young
Product Overview
This is one of the few books a person can use to learn Hokkien as it is spoken in the Philippines.

It includes sentences for use in daily and not-so-daily conversations.

I initially found the romanized Hokkien difficult to read, and for someone who was also learning Mandarin at the time, the Chinese characters or hanzi didn't seem to match with the romanized Hokkien, due to having more than one syllable for each Chinese character; these may be why I didn't use this book early in life.

After having improved my Mandarin somewhat and having heard more Hokkien spoken, I am now able, to a certain extent, figure out the correct way to pronounce the words written in romanized Hokkien.