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Kendo The Definitive Guide
Hiroshi Ozawa
Product Overview
"Kendo The Definitive Guide" was actually a present for my brother who physically practiced Kendo in the Philippines, until he became too preoccupied with academics and work.

While the author's name may evoke misleading ideas, there is much to learn from the contents of this book.

Here are four key ideas:
1) "...your style and behavior in Kendo will accurately reflect your personality." In other words, you are the product of everything that you've lived and experienced.

2) 修行shugyou (Resident Student Training): Although it is no longer common practice, the "disciple" traditionally lived with the "master". It was in his master's household that the disciple spent most of his time doing chores, such as cleaning and laundry. This, however, became a shining opportunity for him to observe closely how his master lives his life, and assimilate his master's strengths into his own practice.

3) I must add that if the disciple does not grow to eventually make these strengths his own, he will only become but a poor copy of his master.

An example of what I mean by this is: Japanese curry.

4) The master should never forget for a moment that he is being observed.

Is there a way to stop people from observing, sometimes, even excessively, others?

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