Format: Paperback
Condition: Used - Acceptable
Language: English
Made in America
Sam Walton/John Huey
Product Overview
This is a book which after finishing reading, I started reading again from the beginning. It shares the story of Sam Walton and how he and his team built the retail giant, Wal-Mart. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to understand the retail industry and the history of its development in the American context.

Here are 3 key lessons: 1) the US heavily imports its goods from Asia because their cost and quality are much more competitive abroad (this reminds me of the situation in the Philippines), 2) a successful IPO can wipe off debt and make many people millionaires, and 3) Even if many people become millionaires and after having lowered the cost of goods down to a cheap level, yet still guarantee customer satisfaction, there will always be people who, one way or another, would remain economically poor and would rather receive handouts from rich people. This third one is an important insight for those who like Usbong also have a mission to defeat poverty.