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Language: English
Publisher: Penguin Group
Released Date: 1998
Managing in a Time of Great Change
Peter Drucker
Product Overview
I learned many things from this book. Here are some of them:

1) It has been said that the Japanese owe their success to running the modern corporation as a family. Peter Drucker adds that the overseas Chinese owe their success to running their family as a modern corporation.

2) People have always worked in teams, because very few people could work effectively by themselves. "The farmer had to have a wife, and the farmwife had to have a husband." Both of them worked as a team with their employees, the hired hands. The craftsman, too, had to have a wife. "He took care of the craft work, she took care of the customers, the apprentices, and the business altogether." Both of them worked as a team with journeymen and apprentices.