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Out of Your Mind Essential Listening from the Alan Watts Audio Archives
Alan Watts, et al.
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I was teaching Chinese Mandarin when I learned from my students' feedback via their evaluation of me that I somehow appeared to know more Japanese culture than Chinese culture.

I found Alan Watts's audio archives on YouTube as I was reading up on Eastern Philosophy.

Interestingly, "Out of Mind" in Italian is "La testa nel pallone" (lit. head in a ball).

Of course, a person need not necessarily promote, much less accept, everything that he says, especially if one feels offended and less at peace.

Having said this, here are three things that I've found noteworthy:

1) Ordinary, everyday things, e.g. sights, sounds, smells, can already bring beauty and wonder to very much be grateful about.

2) When a person is doing well, e.g. in business, in life, he/she shows publicly how little he/she has or has accomplished.

3) The monks were given the best places in Japan to build their temples, because they were able to convince the military rulers at the time to give those places to them. And how did the monks convince the military rulers to do such a thing? The monks offered the military rulers something they clearly wanted. And what could this be? Can we say that the monks offered a way to conquer fear? But how does a person indeed conquer fear?

Now that's another story for another time.