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Presentation Zen
Garr Reynolds
Product Overview
I remember taking the author's class back in Japan as an exchange student. It was on cross-cultural communication. We discussed about direct and indirect communication, how some cultures are more high-touch than others, and so on. We also had to write a journal of our soujourn.

Two things I remember about our teacher: 1) he was a big promoter of Apple products, like the MacBook, and 2) whenever we met, he would greet me by my first name. The second one stuck with me after I returned to my home country, the Philippines. I remember testing it out by greeting people I met with their first names. I had a feeling that somehow, the person had to also remember what my first name was, and in that way, remembered me.

His book, "Presentation Zen", offers advice on how to make aesthetically appealing presentations by drawing from the teachings of Zen. If you want to learn about Zen "and the Art of Making Great Presentations", you can check out this book.