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Sesame Street
Sesame Workshop
Product Overview
I remember watching Sesame Street as a child. For some reason, I liked Oscar the Grouch. Nowadays, I like Cookie Monster. "Night, night, delicious food."

This book is a celebration of 40 years of Sesame Street. From what I can understand, a child can only keep his or her attention on the screen for 3 to 5 minutes. So it was necessary to bring in a Sesame Street character when the child is looking elsewhere due to perhaps too much talking by the adult human characters.

Back when I was a teacher at the university, I eventually learned that I cannot continuously talk and hold my students' attention beyond 30 minutes. So I had to bring in activities, such as situational quizzes and learning team seatworks, to keep my students from getting bored.

As a software engineer, I've also learned that I cannot continuously write code the entire day without losing productivity. I use what I call "short bursts (of intense concentration)". So for a short span of time, about 30 minutes, I'll write code. And then, I'll do something else, like read a book, play music, take a short nap, eat something, drink tea, and such things.

In the workplace, people also intuitively understand that they cannot sit in front of the computer and work and still be productive the entire day. That's why there'll be meetings and time where people talk to each other, preferably face-to-face. Of course, because of this, there'll also be lots of (to my mind) unnecessary politicking, drama, and less actual work getting done. This usually happens when you put any group of people together.

So a possible remedy to this (and this is what we do at Usbong) is to have the tasks written down as clearly as possible and then delegated to people. They can then do them wherever they want, e.g. the coffee shop, the library, at home. Once they're done, they submit their assigned task, and are compensated accordingly.

Meetings are substantially reduced, and the people can do whatever they want with their time, e.g. talk with their spouse, take care of their kids. In this way, the drama can be contained to the people who genuinely care for them, and not necessarily with those who are vying for position or whatnot.