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The Alchemist
Paulo Coelho
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Brazilian writer, Paulo Coelho, was 39 years old when he wrote "The Alchemist". It was one of the many books that he wrote after coming from a pilgrimage in "El camino". One of the things that I remember after reading this book is that the universe helps each person to realize his or her dream.

In life, there comes a point when we find ourselves locked in a system where we feel that instead of helping us realize our dream, the universe seems to be conspiring against us. And the worst part is that the moment you believe this lie, it becomes a reality.

While it may be true that the infinite possibilities of life have already been written down, and therefore, there may be times when we may feel that we have not been given much choice on the path that we take, by being good and kind to as many people as we can, naturally, effortlessly, that is, not forced, we can learn to trust that things are going well, as they should.