Format: Paperback
Condition: Used - Acceptable
Language: English
Publisher: Bantam Books, Inc.
Released Date: 1980
The Dancing Wu Li Masters
Gary Zukav
Product Overview
This book is a must-read for anyone who wants to understand Physics, that is, not the Physics that students commonly learn in school, where there are equations that one must solve in a sort of computer-like way, without really understanding deeply what kind of thinking and perspective brought about those equations in the first place. One question that this book asks is, what is a living thing? If we break down a human person into very, very tiny, little pieces, we'll find that a rock is made up of those very tiny, little pieces as well. And yet, we do not call a rock a living thing. Why is that? Eventually, if you continue asking such questions, you'll arrive with the answer that we don't know. And the book concludes with an invitation to an opening towards eastern culture.