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The Giver
Lois Lowry
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I read "The Giver" for our Philosophy class back when I was in college. What I particularly remember and like about the story is how The Giver taught the protagonist by transferring to him memories of experiences.

In the same way, when I began teaching, I did my best to tell stories of my experiences to my students. Of course, to make them a lot more uplifting, I would embellish them somewhat.

I guess I was fortunate that there were students who appreciated the stories.

One time, there was a student who asked me what this Kanji character meant, 流 (nagare). And I remember sharing with him its meaning by letting him imagine that he was on a boat or a raft that is being carried by a river, which is the character at the bottom, 川 (kawa). And let's say the river is raging, 激流 (gekiryuu). Now the water is splashing him all over, which is what the left portion in the character 流 (nagare) means. But the raft continues to flow with the water. 流 (nagare) means "to flow".

Years later, the same student came back to the Philippines after migrating to Hawaii and we happened to meet each other again at the university. I was glad to learn that one of the stories that he remembered was me.

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