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Zen in the Art of Archery
Eugen Herrigel
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When I'm all by myself, without any friends to play with, I used to play the basketball game "21", where, in the Philippines, it's played with the player shooting the ball into the basket from the free-throw line.

If the ball successfully goes in, he earns 2pts. He then has to do a rebound, while keeping the ball bouncing only once. After rebounding, the player can shoot the ball again, which is worth 1pt if it goes in. The goal is to reach exactly 21. If I'm by myself, I don't really count the scores. I just keep on shooting the ball.

What I like about this is that after shooting some hoops my body gets into a trance, where I aim, shoot, rebound, and then shoot again mechanically, such that I don't really think that much about moving my hands, and getting the rebound, and so forth, anymore.

Years ago, I would let myself think and reflect about things.

So what was I thinking about?

I thought about how cool it would be to have a son or daughter and play sports together with him or her. I remember that scene in "Father of the Bride", where George Banks was playing basketball with his daughter, Annie, as she was growing up. I liked that very much.

Nowadays, however, similar to when I do my 6km jog, I don't dwell on the thoughts that pass through my mind.

I just keep on moving forward.